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  • 1.  Title/Closing Software

    Posted 11-01-2023 16:22

    Would anyone be willing to tell me what Title Closing Software you are using and if you like it or not. And does it have an Amortization Schedule capability?


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  • 2.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 11-02-2023 07:31

    Good morning, Connie. You might find this thread from January helpful.

    John Mashack NTP, VCTE, VCTSA
    Vice President
    Loudoun Commercial Title, LLC
    Leesburg VA
    +1 (703) 737-3800

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  • 3.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 11-02-2023 09:21

    Good morning Connie, I use Landtech and it does great for me.  Yes, it has the amortization accessory and does a great job. I also do my 3 way reconciliation daily and generate all my closing documents through it.  It does more than what I use it for, but I do love it.

    Shelby Elliott
    RE Assist / Licensed Title Agent
    Jackson & Williams, Attorneys at Law
    Cullman AL
    +1 (803) 767-7363

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  • 4.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 11-03-2023 07:59

    We use SoftPro (Standard version) and one of the modules you can elect is an amortization program (ProMort).  It's a basic program, but you can do things like change the interest rate, skip payments, make extra payments, balloon it, etc.  I'm not sure they even mention it on their web site, it's clearly not something they see as a selling point, and I do note they haven't made any changes to it in absolutely forever.  I do sometimes get requests to produce a payment schedule that isn't truly an amortization - some other kind of non-standard payment schedule, for example where interest runs for a long period without compounding while no payments are being made – and in those cases I can't always make it do what is wanted, but if what you want is really just an amortization schedule, it does that.


    Cynthia N. Zook

    Legal Assistant
    Blakinger Thomas, PC
    28 Penn Square, PO Box 1889

    Lancaster, PA 17608-1889



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  • 5.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-06-2023 11:38

    Hey Connie,

      We migrated from RamQuest to Qualia a couple of years back. At the time we felt we were getting 'nickle and dimed' to death with RamQuest. And Qualia offered many of the 'leaning forward' features and customer connectivity features we would have had to pay extra for with RamQuest, right out of the box. We love the software and their ability to quickly adjust and make corrections to the software.

       They don't have an Amortization tool built in just yet. It's something we use...occasionally, but not often so not a big deal for us.  


    Jimmy Deer
    Pioneer Abstract & Title Co.
    909 Delaware Ave. / P.O. Box 249
    Alamogordo, NM 88310
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    Jimmy Deer
    Title Researcher
    Pioneer Abstract & Title Co. of Alamogordo, Inc.
    Alamogordo NM
    +1 (575) 437-5810

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  • 6.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-07-2023 09:14
    We used to use double time, and then we tried Lantic, which was awful. But Eclosing or Closing Vue closing has The feature, and it works very well. You just must generate the document and it will provide the schedule. All settlement programs should have an e-signing capability! But it's true. I don't know what kind of response from customers for new features must be reached.  I will go down to rabbit hole to see what features work best for clients. I heard Qualia has like a closing tracker that the client can see.  It would be nice if you put some type of information in and it would automatically send updates to clientele instead of manually doing certain things. I'm trying to get all the employees to work inside the settlement system it's not easy.

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  • 7.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-08-2023 11:58
    Just wanted to echo the closers choice issues.  It is a great program and we used it for years.  But they 10x the price.  It took us months to move over to the double time software (or whatever they call it now).  Good program.  I hear qualia is good.  But they were 5x higher priced than double time.  

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  • 8.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-08-2023 12:40

    We switched to Qualia from Title Express about 4 years ago.  Title Express was old and clunky so we opted for the new, much-hyped, online savior.  There are features in Qualia that are just light years ahead of what the other title software providers are offering but they, as seems to be their business model, are so singularly focused on moving on to the next "integration" that allows them to suck another $10 per file out of your account, that they don't seem to care if some of the existing features don't function as advertised.  Because of this, we spend WAY more time trying to work with their tech support then should be necessary and their tech support, when (more like "if") they respond, don't provide actual solutions but instead offer "workarounds."

    I don't know if Qualia has an amortization schedule or not, but I can tell you this:  if they do, it's probably 90% awesome, 10% dysfunctional, and costs an additional $10 per file, because that's just how they do things.   They don't take their responsibility seriously and are only concerned with what they can charge for next.

    I would NEVER recommend Qualia.  

    Joseph Kee
    Peak Settlements, LLC
    Rockville MD
    +1 (301) 528-1111

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  • 9.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-07-2023 15:27

    We use Closer's Choice. They used to be the best deal in time, but they're pricing has gone up and is entirely too expensive for the product in my opinion. I would switch to Qualia, but they aren't integrated with Rynoh (Escrow Software – if you don't have this it's a game changer) which I refuse to give up. Their effort at this service in house just is not the same and quietly frankly just more work. If they'd integrate with Rynoh they'd be perfect.


    You can create amortization schedules, payment letters, etc.  in Closers Choice

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  • 10.  RE: Title/Closing Software

    Posted 12-13-2023 11:19

    Hi Connie, I'm curious why an amortization schedule is the make or break feature you're looking for? In my experience, those have always be provided by the lender. The only time I've ever been asked for help with creating one was in the case of a private mortgage. I used an Excel spreadsheet template I downloaded off the internet and it was a breeze. I'd love to better understand your use case and need.

    Also, I can confirm that Qualia does not have an amortization feature.

    RamQuest is currently rolling out a new cloud based software product called Horizon. Off hand I do not know if it has an amortization schedule feature, but if you'd like to email me, I'd be happy to put you in touch with a sales rep who could answer that question. What I do know is that Horizon is very robust in it's feature suite and has been designed to handle both residential and commercial transactions.

    Stay Wicked my Friends,
    Cheryl, your sales and marketing coach at www.Cheryl.wTf

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