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Hello! I am Will Duncan, Co-Founder of ABN Legal Solutions.

I represent the premier cutting-edge company when it comes to BPO serving and legal solutions.

Bringing forth my prior experience as an investigator and a Courthouse Title Searcher, we specialize in low-cost residential Title Base, Tax Search/Certification, Judgment Search, Document Retrieval.

Unlike most of our competitors, we pride ourselves on:

  • Customer Relations Excellence: some of our staff have prior experience working in Guest Services with top tier world-class hotel chains, and we have brought that expertise to how we treat our clients potential and current alike! One of the complaints we heard from clients in regards to our competitors was: “the price may be low, but the service is not always there”. Do not worry: it is here with us!



  • Communication: Ever call the customer service hotline of your cable company or cell phone company? It will drive you crazy, right? Lucky for you, with us, there are no annoying telephone prompts or “sketchy’ call centers. When you dial our number, you get me directly. If you get my voice mail, I will contact you by the end of day, guaranteed. We also have 24/7 customer service through our orders box, or you can chat with us LIVE: it goes to myself and the other Co-Founder who handles Production. Need an ETA? Have a question about us providing additional service?? Chat with us!




  • Quality of both Product and Service: As a Courthouse Title Searcher working with some of the largest Law Firms on the east coast and some of the largest Title firms in the nation, I learned first hand what creates outstanding service and product. I brought that experience to ABN Legal Solutions and we now deliver it to you! Our commitment is to you: quality, accuracy, delivered within Turn Around Time, every time! If not, talk to me, and I will rectify the entire situation. Our goal is to keep you as a client happy, and win for you for life because we care!


Do you have a question? Do you need assistance with any of the services we offer?? Please let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you!

 - Will 

Will Duncan
ABN Legal Solutions LLC
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