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Security BUZZ - Beware of new cyber threat - 'Conversation Overflow'

  • 1.  Security BUZZ - Beware of new cyber threat - 'Conversation Overflow'

    Posted 24 days ago

    In the ever-evolving world of cyber threats, a new tactic has emerged that's tricking even the smartest AI security systems. It's called "Conversation Overflow," a clever way cybercriminals are getting their phishing emails past our defenses.

    Imagine an email that looks totally normal but hidden within it is a secret message designed to fool AI into thinking it's just another friendly chat. That's what's happening with Conversation Overflow attacks. These emails have two parts: one that we can see, asking us to click a link or share information and another hidden part filled with harmless text that makes AI think it's all good.

    The alarming reality is that these emails specifically target executives and upper management with the highest access and authority level. Once these emails manage to bypass our defenses, they can stealthily request passwords and login details, leading to potential credential theft.

    This new twist is our daily reminder to stay vigilant. Never enter credentials on the website you visited using the email link. Always go to the source directly.


    Genady Vishnevetsky
    Chief Info Security Officer
    Stewart Title Guaranty Company
    Houston TX
    ALTA Marketplace