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  • 1.  Professionalism, Part 2

    Posted 25 days ago

    Here at Real Estate Closing Path, we aim to be an example of professionalism, as well as guide our participants in that direction.  So, what are some additional characteristics that define a contemporary professional?

    Discern tasks that need attention and complete them without being asked. 

    Be aware of others' workload and be willing to pitch-in to reach the overall goal. 

    Individual of Integrity 
    Practice honesty and discretion with all parties. Keep your word. 

    Problem Solver 
    Work toward solutions of issues as they arrive. Avoid complaining. 

    Rise above conflict and drama. Do not take issues personally. 

    During the month of April, we'll be focusing on our Title Bundle of workshops (Dissecting Title Searches and Title Commitment Anatomy).  As with each workshop, we'll be incorporating professionalism and customer service because at its heart, our industry is always about people. 

    Janis Gaines
    Real Estate Closing Path
    Kennesaw GA
    +1 (678) 331-4731
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  • 2.  RE: Professionalism, Part 2

    Posted 24 days ago
    Edited by Taylor Spolidoro 21 days ago


    This is so great, food for thought, I can't wait to read all the information that is coming.

    Happy Easter to everyone. 

    Mary Enzi CAA
    Tax Solutions – FIRPTA Consulting
    +1 (281) 578-1040
    Barker TX

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