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  • 1.  Maximizing Your ALTA Community Forum Profile for Marketing Success

    Posted 09-18-2023 19:35


    The ALTA Community Forum is an indispensable platform for professionals in the title insurance and real estate industry. However, the utility of this forum extends beyond discussions and networking; it can be a potent tool for marketing your brand and services. The key lies in optimizing your ALTA profile for maximum exposure, especially if someone searches for your name on Google.


    The Benefits of a Complete and Public Profile


    Enhances Credibility

    A complete profile that's rich in detail and updated regularly serves as a dynamic resume. It establishes your credibility in your field, making potential clients more comfortable to reach out to you.


    Improves Search Engine Visibility

    A public profile can be indexed by search engines, making it easier for potential clients or employers to find you when they search for services you offer, your areas of expertise, your name or your company. Links back to your website can also improve the search engine ranking of your company website.


    Facilitates Networking

    When other members can see your skills, interests, and services, it opens the door for more relevant and targeted networking opportunities.


    Enables Notifications

    Did you know that you can @ tag a member in a post on the forum? You absolutely can…but…only if they set their profile privacy settings appropriately. If yours are too restrictive, you might be missing out on important messages and opportunities.


    How to Optimize Your ALTA Profile for Maximum Exposure


    Make sure you're logged into the ALTA Community Forum. Click on your image (or icon of a person) in the upper right corner of the screen and then 'Profile' to manage what people can see. The best practice is to make the majority of your information 'Public' to ensure it is accessible to a broad audience.





    Use the profile tab that appears underneath your name to add details to your profile.



    Use the Action icons along the left side as well:


    Fill In All the Details

    • Profile Picture: Use a high-quality professional photo.
    • Bio: This is your chance to sell yourself in a few sentences. Make it short but packed with important info.
    • Job History and Education: List where you've worked and studied.
    • My Documents: Use this space to share articles, slideshows, or other things you've done.
    • Honors and Awards: List any special recognitions you've received.
    • Professional Groups and Associations: Mention any other groups you belong to.
    • Social Media: Link to all your work-related social media profiles.


    Once your profile is complete, navigate to the "My Account" tab > "Privacy Settings"



    This is where you control who can see what information that's been added to your profile. Below is a list settings that I recommend to maximize your public exposure. Obviously consider your own unique situations to determine the appropriate settings for you.


    Options and Recommended Settings

    • Picture: Public
    • My Networks: Public
    • Company Information: Public
    • Job Title and Department: Public
    • City, State, Zip: Public
    • Country: Public
    • Website URL: Public
    • Phone1: My Contacts
    • Email Address: My Contacts
    • Bio: Public
    • Education: Public
    • Job History: Public
    • My Documents: Public
    • Honors and Awards: Public
    • Professional Groups and Associations: Public
    • Social Media Sites: Public



    Your digital signature is another place where you might be missing out on an important marketing and networking opportunity. Make sure your signature contains your name, company, job title or brief description of what you do and contact information.


    To update your ALTA Community Signature, go to "My Account" > "Discussion Signature"




    HOT TIP!
    When is the last time you took a look at your email signature? It's prime marketing real estate! Go now…take a look! Run, don't walk. (Then come back…I have one more great tip for you!)


    Frequent Updates

    Regularly update your profile to reflect changes in your job, skill set, or accomplishments. A stale profile can give the impression of stagnancy.


    Kick It Up a Notch

    This approach to optimizing your ALTA profile isn't limited to just this one platform. You can and should apply the same strategy to other membership directories and online profiles where potential clients or partners might discover you. Whether it's state land transfer associations, realtor associations, specialty forums like the Wicked Title Forum, bar associations, or even social media profiles, the principles remain the same. Ensuring your profiles are complete, up-to-date, and as public as appropriate can significantly broaden your network and business opportunities. Making the most out of every online profile opens multiple doors for business and professional growth and is well worth the effort.




    The ALTA Community Forum can be more than just a place for discussions. Optimizing your profile for maximum visibility adds another feather to your marketing cap. A public, complete, and regularly updated profile can significantly enhance your brand's credibility and reach, aiding in business growth. It's a simple yet effective way to keep potential clients and partners only a click away. So, leverage your ALTA profile and unlock the myriad opportunities it offers.


    If you found this helpful and want to know what other awesome tips and secrets I have for growing your business, then hit me up and schedule a call or check out my Wicked Sales Accelerator program and unlock your secret sales superpowers today.

    Stay Wicked my Friends,
    Cheryl, your sales and marketing coach at www.Cheryl.wTf

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  • 2.  RE: Maximizing Your ALTA Community Forum Profile for Marketing Success

    Posted 10-12-2023 18:22

    Hey Folks, if you missed it, ALTA unveiled an awesome new logo and branding this week at ALTA One! They've also launched a newly designed website. I've only made a cursory glance at it, but the navigation seems greatly improved which a very welcome change indeed!

    You can read about it on their blog here:

    I'm writing this in response to my post a few weeks ago about maximizing the value of your ALTA profile because they have also unveiled a new member logo which you can and should add to your website and maybe your email signature, so be sure to grab your copy here:

    If you haven't followed my detailed instructions to edit your community profile yet, then the only change to those instructions is how you access the profile screen itself. This has moved from being a dropdown from your profile pic in the upper right corner to a button on the Community Home page, here:

    Everything else seems to have remained the same.

    What do you think of the new logo and website?

    Stay Wicked my Friends,
    Cheryl, your sales and marketing coach at www.Cheryl.wTf

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